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Stumbl is reimagining how travellers experience someplace new. Absorb unique local knowledge, unlock hidden gems and create memories that venture beyond what was planned.

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No other travel app lets you explore while staying perfectly on-track.

Ada Lovelace, the world’s first software programmer and friend to Charles Babbage, lived at 12 St. James Square - and if you’re visiting London the way most people do, you could walk by twenty times without ever knowing about it . . .

Each new place has hundreds of gems like this hiding in plain sight, you just need a way to go looking for them. We designed Stumbl to help you plan a little adventure into each trip - to find the ‘Ada’s, the memorable stories of Old Tom the 38 year old goose or perhaps an Ancient Egyptian statue (3300 years old!) gone unnoticed in downtown London. All the things that make each travel experience worthwhile, without getting off-track.


When to Stumbl

The ‘Found-a-cosy-neighbourhood-and-wish-I-were-a-local’

Fallen in love with Soho, but overwhelmed by the possibilities? Stop researching every second cafe, give yourself a break and Stumbl your way down any street you like: Stumbl might just reveal the origin of this old hunting ground’s strange sounding name (So-HO!). 

The ‘Stuck-with-55-minutes-before-my-train’

55 minutes = A) 3 quick Netflix episodes B) waiting around the station in agony or C) the perfect amount of time to Stumbl: who knows, you might just run into a wine shop with a curious history about when it was home to the Embassy of the Republic of Texas . . .

The ‘Ooh-that-little-street-looks-promising’

Google tells me how long it will take to walk down, which stores or cafes I’ll run into and the direction of traffic. Stumbl tells me there’s something interesting to go and explore - Cecil Court, let’s go find out how you captured J.K. Rowling’s imagination . . .

The ‘I’m-fresh-out-of-cash-but-still-got-some-time’

The good news is that the best adventures are free - ooh! And Stumbl tells me there’s something more for me to explore in Hyde Park (as I get closer, this statue is beginning to look like Disney’s Peter Pan . . . that can’t be right though, can it?) 


How to Stumbl

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Lost rivers, the remains of a Roman temple built in 3AD, and an ancient sculpture of a lion’s head: believe it or not - we’re talking about London . . .


Our app lets you be efficient in your wanderings. Be aware though, you’ll need to get up close to an attraction to unlock it and learn what makes it special!


The Tour Generator lets you create your own tailored tour: just select where you’d like to go, decide how far and wide you’d like to Stumbl along the way, and make the most of getting from A to B. 


400+ attractions in London are waiting to be unlocked.

* We are currently focused on London, but we plan to bring Stumbl to any place with a unique history to tell. That said, for now, if you’re looking to Stumbl in another city, you’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way: get a map, ask a lot of questions, and hope the locals know what they’re talking about.

“Stumbl is the best way to explore a new city if you’re tight on cash or time.” 
- Happy Stumblr

100+ hidden locations

60+ Historic Parks & Gardens

35+ Museum & Art Galleries

Real-time adventuring

Genuine local knowledge

Scratch your adventurous itch.

At Stumbl, we want to help change the way people experience a new place. There’s nothing wrong with ticking off the main boxes after making a long journey - but the memories that stay with you the longest are almost always hiding, just waiting to be discovered. 

Download the app for free, then venture to give it a try for just 5 minutes . . . who knows what you’ll run into and how it might change the course of your next trip.